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Aveyond 4: Shadow of the Mist game: Download and Play

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Boyle Wolfbane wanted to rule the world. He failed. Miserably. Forced into retirement early, Boyle now spends his days arguing with haunted trees and scaring off the occasional knight. At least he still has Fang, his loyal storm wolf. Things could be worse. He could have been born a hero. Features include a sophisticated battle and menu system. There are also many things to squash, burn, and collect. And... You. Will. Laugh. (Unless you are a zombie, in which case, we cannot help you.)

Aveyond 4: Shadow of the Mist features:
  • Recruit minions and join a coven
  • Take part in a night watch and discover mist portals
  • Transform friends into creatures
Aveyond 4: Shadow of the Mist screenshots. Click a screenshot to enlarge:
Aveyond 4: Shadow of the Mist screenshot
Aveyond 4: Shadow of the Mist screenshot
Aveyond 4: Shadow of the Mist screenshot

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Aveyond 4: Shadow of the Mist is 100% safe to download. You can download Aveyond 4: Shadow of the Mist for free and try it for 60 minutes to decide whether you like it or not. If you like it, you can purchase Aveyond 4: Shadow of the Mist instantly and securely online.

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